Our goal is to make the Backstreet Festival, a premiere street festival, designed for a highly sought-after, sophisticated, and affluent niche market. Backstreet with the support of Tri-County Youth Services, Inc., also provides the opportunity to help troubled and neglected youth from different counties throughout the state, giving them a chance to gain an understanding of the importance of the past, it incorporates social skills and gives them the chance for acceptance in the community as well as help them develop and learn how to interact with all types of individuals.

The Backstreet Festival showcases a parade, art, diverse music, dancing, food, bike show and it provides an opportunity for the entire Duplin County and surrounding areas to come together for a very special celebration of the arts and diverse culture.

This non-profit event is an innovative venture dedicated to creating and fostering meaningful connections for all people of culture.

We seek a sense of belonging and involvement in the community’s traditional and non-traditional ways. It is our goal that this Festival will help welcome organizations, the arts, programs and services to locate what they have to offer to assist creating a more vibrant community for all.

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